Board of Councilors


The China-US Center seeks new ways to collaboratively engage the business community, government, higher education and non governmental organizations to demonstrate how commerce, communities and nature can thrive in harmony. Designed to draw upon the vision and agility of the private sector, the knowledge and expertise of scientific and academic institutions, as well as the authority and ability to mobilize resources of government agencies, the Center is in a position not only to plan but to act. On the basis of the relationships formed through this organizational framework, the Center’s members have unprecedented openings to engage in the creation of sustaining enterprises.

The Board of Councilors provides guidance for the strategy and initiatives of the Center. Leading corporations and organizations make up the membership of the Founders’ Circle, which provides support for the Center’s operations and offers the opportunity to pursue specific initiatives under the auspices of the Center.

Members of the Board of Councilors bring professional distinction to their mission and have the opportunity to take the lead in developing new initiatives. China Board members include high-ranking officials from government ministries that oversee the technology, industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as distinguished scientists, educators and entrepreneurs. Members of the China Board are playing a critical role in the planning and implementation of the national policy governing the next generation of development in China. Like their international counterparts, they bring to the Board proven expertise and enthusiasm for the future of sustainable development. A wide range of industry sectors is represented, including high technology, energy, chemistry, commercial equipment, diversified retailing, venture capital and investment banking. From institutions of higher education come distinguished scholars in engineering, agriculture, marine sciences, forestry and other fields. Non-governmental international development and environmental organizations are also represented.

China and the U.S. each appoint Co-Chairs to lead the Board of Councilors. The Founding Chair for China is Madame Deng Nan, Chief Executive Secretary of the China Association of Science and Technology and the Founding U.S. Chair is William A. McDonough, FAIA, architect, designer and Time magazine’s “Hero for the Planet.”

The operations of the Center are managed by two secretariats that work as a team. The China Secretariat is the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21 and the U.S. Secretariat is the International Sustainable Development Foundation – a 501 © (3) non-profit organization.

Joint Board of Councilors

U.S. Members
  • CHAIR Gary Dirks, Ph.D. - Tempe, Arizona

    Director of LightWorks and
    Julie Wrigley Chair of Sustainable Practices
    Arizona State University
    Retired Chief Executive, BP Asia
  • Mary Andringa - Pella, Iowa

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Vermeer Manufacturing Company
  • Michael Braungart, Ph.D. - Hamburg, Germany

    Founder and Principal, EPEA International Umweltforschung GmbH
    Principal and Cofounder, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry
  • John V. Duggan - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

    Industry Leader
    Performance Consultants International
  • Elizabeth Economy, Ph.D. - New York, New York

    Director, Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Barry Friedman - Beijing, China

    Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Wal-Mart China
  • Peter J. Green - Morgan Hill, California

    Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors
    Alien Technology Corporation
  • Edward A. Guerrini - Farmington, Michigan

    Global Account Director, BASF Co. Ltd.
  • Teresa Heinz, Ph.D. - Washington, D.C.

    Chair, Howard Heinz Endowment and Heinz Family Philanthropies
  • Virginia A. Kamsky - New York, N.Y. and Beijing, China

    Chair and CEO, Kamsky Associates, Inc.
  • Thomas E. Kiser - Fremont, Ohio

    President, Professional Supply, Inc.
  • Lisa Lai - Atlanta, Georgia

    President and Co-Founder, EA International Ltd.

  • Thomas E. Lovejoy, Ph.D. - Washington, D.C.

    Heinz Center Biodiversity Chair
    H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
  • William McDonough, FAIA - Charlottesville, Virginia

    Chair Emeritus, China-US Center for Sustainable Development
    Founder, William McDonough + Partners
    Founder, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry
  • James McIlvenny - Midland, Michigan

    Group Senior Vice President for Mega Projects
    The Dow Chemical Company
  • Jon Pittman - San Rafael, California

    Vice President for Market Development, Autodesk, Inc.
  • John F. Potts - Chandler, Arizona

    Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Secretariat
    China US Center for Sustainable Development
  • Theodore Roosevelt, IV - New York, New York

    Managing Director, Barclays Capital
  • Peter Sharratt - London, England

    Board Director, WSP Environmental
  • Robert W. Shaw, Jr., Ph.D. - Center Harbor, New Hampshire

    President, Aretê Corporation
  • Kent Snyder, J.D. - Portland, Oregon

    Sustainability Consultant
    Board Members, International Sustainable Development Foundation
  • Nicholas Sonntag - Lyons, France

    Executive VP Corporate Development, Westport Innovations, Inc.
    President, Westport Asia

  • Donald Tang - Los Angeles, California

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    CITIC Securities International Partners
  • Michael Volkema - Zeeland, Michigan

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Jonathan Wege - Chicago, Illinois

    President, Broadleaf Foundation

  • Dennis Whittle - Washington, D.C.

    Chairman and CEO, Global Giving
China Members
  • Madame Nan Deng, Chair

    Chief Executive Secretary, China Association of Science and Technology
    Chair, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development
    Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology
    China Association of Science and Technology
  • Zhijun Feng

    Member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress
    Vice Chairman, Central Committee of China Democratic League

  • Shijun Gan

    Vice Chairman, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development
  • Risheng Guo

    Director General, The Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Yaling He

    Vice President, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Jiankun He

    Vice President, Tsinghua University
  • Keng He

    Vice Chairman, The Jiu San (Sept. 3rd) Society

  • Angang Hu

    Professor, Tsinghua University
    Director, Center for China Study
  • Jing Huang

    Deputy Director General, The Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Nubo Huang

    Board Chair, Zhongkun Group Corporation
  • Xioming Jin

    Director General, Department of International Cooperation
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Ju Jin

    Minister Counselor, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America
  • Zunping Ke, Ph.D.

    Vice Governor, Sichuan Province
    Responsible for Science and Technology
    Sichuan Provincial Government
  • Yuan Li

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Land and Resources
    China Ministry of Land and Resources
  • Shao Bin Lin

    General Manager, China Merchants Property Development Co., LTD
  • Linying Ma

    Vice Director-General, Department of International Cooperation
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Yanhe Ma

    Deputy Director General, Department of Social Development
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Zongjin Ma

    Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration
  • Meisheng Nie

    Chairman, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
    China Federation of Industry and Commerce
  • Baoxing Qiu

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Construction
  • Hong Sun

    Deputy Director General, Department of Social Development
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Honglie Sun

    Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resource Research, CAS
  • Gang Wan

    Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Weizhong Wang

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Xiaofang Wang

    Director General, Department of Development and Planning
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Xiaoqing Wu

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Qidi Wu, Ph.D.

    Vice Minister, Ministry of Education
    Former President, Tongji University
    China Ministry of Education
  • Qihua Xie

    Board Chairman, Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation
  • Luiping Xu

    President, Changan Automobile Group Corporation
  • Peizhang Zhang

    Board Chairman, Shanghai Huayi Group Corporation
  • Lei Zhang

    Board Chairman, Modern Group Corporation
  • Yuhai Zhao

    Director General, Torch High Technology Industry Development Center
    Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Jiping Zhou

    Vice General Manager, China National Petroleum Corporation
Ex. Officio
  • Paul Anastas, Ph.D. - Washington, D.C.

    Assistant Administrator
    Office of Research and Development
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Theodore Osius - Jakarta, Indonesia

    U.S. Department of State
    Deputy Chief of Mission
  • Richard Schulberg - Portland, Oregon

    Executive Director, International Sustainable Development Foundation
  • Miansheng Wang - Portland, Oregon

    Managing Director, U.S. Secretariat, China-U.S. Center for Sustainable Development