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Al Gore to Launch The Climate Project China | May 2010




Vice President Al Gore, The Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Project and the China – U.S. Center for Sustainable Development are pleased to announce the launch of The Climate Project Training and Branch in China.

On June 9-11, Al Gore and The Alliance for Climate Protection will launch The Climate Project in China with the support of the Chinese government, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and in partnership with the China US Center for Sustainable Development.

The training event will see Vice President Gore personally train a cross-section of approximately 250 Chinese individuals who share a commitment to take action on the climate crisis and the ability to reach a range of audiences. The training will focus on the science of climate change, opportunities for action and methods to effectively communicate the call to action. The Beijing event will also be the first training to incorporate slides and material from Vice President Gore’s latest book, Our Choice, A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.

The Climate Project (TCP), a program of the Alliance for Climate Protection, supports the work of more than 3000 volunteers in 55 countries around the world. Each of these volunteers, known as TCP Presenters, has been personally trained by Vice President Gore to deliver an updated version of the slide show featured in the Academy-Award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In just three years, TCP Presenters have delivered more than 70,000 presentations, reaching a combined global audience of more than 7 million people. The Climate Project has official branches in eight countries – Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S – and will now add China.

Global climate change is recognized as the defining agenda for the 21st century – impacting every natural resource and human habitat. Immediate action on multiple fronts is necessary to more deeply understand the significance of climate change and to identify actions that can responsibly address the global climate crisis. These actions are critically important in both the U.S. and China – the world’s leading producers of greenhouse gases.

The vision for TCP China goes well beyond the initial training event. TCP will also establish a secretariat to provide post-training support to TCP-China Presenters and coordinate future TCP-China initiatives.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact Vanessa Lavallee or Hanling Yang for more information.

About Us:
The Alliance for Climate Protection was founded in 2006 by Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President of the United States. With more than 5,000,000 members worldwide, the Alliance is a unique non-governmental, 501 ( C ) (3) non-profit organization committed to educating the global community about the urgency of implementing comprehensive global solutions to the climate crisis. Working through global and country-specific efforts and campaigns, the Alliance draws together a diverse range of individuals and organizations by acting on its belief that the climate crisis impacts every one of us and transcends differences between geographies, cultures, faiths and politics. The Alliance is governed by a prestigious, bipartisan and international Board of Directors that includes three Nobel Prize winners. Through The Climate Project, the Alliance supports a network of more than 3000 volunteers operating in 55 countries worldwide who have been personally trained by Vice President Gore to present a version of the slide show featured in the Academy Award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth. For more information, please visit www.climateprotect.org

The China‐U.S. Center for Sustainable Development (CUCSD) is a public‐private collaboration that aims to accelerate adoption of sustainable practices and technologies by connecting stakeholders and forging mutually beneficial environmental, social, and economic partnerships. The Center is guided by a Board of Councilors from China, the US and internationally. Management of initiatives is coordinated through joint secretariats – in China, the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21, a government agency, and in the US by the International Sustainable Development Foundation, a 501 ( C ) (3) non profit organization. For more information, please visit www.chinauscenter.org.