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Wal-Mart Associates Pledge Schools' Match | November 2008


Rebuilding Sichuan Schools Sustainably

The Rebuilding Sichuan Schools Sustainably campaign is delighted to announce a challenge award from the Wal-Mart Associates of China and internationally in the amount of 500,000 RMB (almost $75,000 USD). This 1:1 match can double the next wave of contributions and generate almost $150,000. The Associates’ actions were inspired by the earlier announcement of Wal-Mart China to provide 6,000,000 RMB in support of the schools’ campaign.

“It is with sincere appreciation that we welcome this heartfelt commitment from so many Wal-Mart Associates in China and around the world,” stated Dr. Wayne Lei, the Chair of the Center’s US Secretariat. Now, “let’s get to work and match it!”

To join in support of the Rebuilding Sichuan Schools Sustainably program and double your funding through the Wal-Mart Associates’ match, please contact Joe Marcotte (1-503-279-9383) in the US.

For more information about the Rebuilding Sichuan Schools Sustainably initiative, please visit www.chinauscenter.org.