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A Constructive Exchange for Greener Electronics | October 2008


GEC Director Jeff Omelchuck


MEP's Dr. Hu Tao


Signing of Memorandum

The Center is pleased to announce that a highly collaborative international workshop on green electronics standards was held in Beijing, China on October 20-22. The gathering focused on the EPEAT standard originally launched in the US and now increasingly used for purchasing environmentally preferable electronics in other countries.

The Beijing workshop was hosted and organized in China by the Environmental Certification Center of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. The US organizers were the Green Electronics Council that manages the EPEAT program in the US and the China US Center for Sustainable Development.

Workshop participants included other departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China governmental agencies, industry representatives from China and internationally, and higher education and research experts. The meeting included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for further cooperation between the Environmental Certification Center and the Green Electronics Council. The China US Center acted as a witness for the signing.

The workshop introduced a range of topics that will be included in the future dialogue between the China and US participants in the workshop. An important theme of the dialogue was the value of “harmonization” of standards that provide transparency to government, industry and environmental advocates.

For further information, please contact the Center at info@chinauscenter.org.