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Lisa Lai Appointed to the Board of Councilors | February 2008


Lisa Lai

Contact: 1-503-279-9383

The China-US Center for Sustainable Development is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Lai of EA International Ltd. and Xanita USA to the Board of Councilors. The Board of Councilors provides strategic guidance for the Center’s operations and leadership in the development of new initiatives.

Ms. Lai is a Founder and President of EA International and the President of Xanita USA. Ms. Lai was born in Guangzhou and raised in China where she received an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts. She then came to the US and received an MBA from Oklahoma City University in 1988.

In 1991, Ms. Lai founded EA International with two other partners and it has grown into a leading global packaging design, manufacturing and distribution firm, specializing in soft goods, cosmetics, toys and travel goods packaging. EA is a designated partner and supplier for many major retailers and design firms in the US and around the world. EA’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

William A. McDonough, Chair of the US Board of Councilors, stated: “I am delighted to welcome Lisa Lai to the Board. Lisa’s deep understanding and relations with China, her passion for a sustaining future and commitment to the eco-design of products will make an extraordinary contribution to the Center.”

EA has three factories in China with over 2,000 employees and sales offices in nine countries: USA, China, Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain, Pakistan, India, Israel and Brazil. The factories in China are currently shipping about 100 million pieces of packaging a year to over 30 countries around the world.

Ms. Lai is actively involved in sustainability efforts in the US and internationally – an active speaker at conferences, educating students and sharing ideas with designers in the use of eco-materials. Her research on eco-materials for use in EA products and other applications recently led her to Xanita – a new technology break-through material from South Africa!

Xanita products are made out of post-consumer paper and corrugated cardboard that are 100% recyclable and re-pulpable with no polyethylene, wax or poly vinyl chloride coating. It is light weight, water resistant with direct printability – the applications of this material include but are not limited to packaging, interior designs, store fixtures, aviation, furniture, motor homes, boating and construction industries. Ms. Lai is now the President of Xanita USA and leading North American marketing and sales for Canada, USA and Mexico.

For further information, please contact the Center at info@chinauscenter.org.