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Design Workshop for a Village School Creates Excitement | September 2007


A Team's Design Warm-Up


Collaboration on the Train Ride


Tongji's Professor Li on Sustainable Design


Autodesk's Revit Analysis of Design Options


Design Workshop Team

A Design Workshop for a rural village school organized by Tongji University and sponsored by the China US Center for Sustainable Development was held from August 12-25. The purpose of the workshop was to support international collaboration to incorporate sustainable design strategies into a prototype rural school for China, using Huangbaiyu, Nanfen District, Liaoning Province as a representative site.

The goal was to develop a conceptual design for a multi functional elementary school that is family friendly, climate and ecologically intelligent, cost effective and provides an opportunity for a quality education. The design approach, concepts, ecological strategies and construction guidelines from the workshop sought to support other sustainable rural school designs in China. The event provided an opportunity for Chinese and U.S. architecture students, faculty and practitioners to collaboratively develop conceptual designs for a new rural village school in China, including onsite planning and design work.

Architecture students and faculty from Tsinghua University in Beijing,
Tongji University in Shanghai, the University of Virginia and University of Oregon participated in the workshop. As part of the workshop, five teams were formed with two Chinese and one US student on each team – five from Tongji and Tsinghua, three students from the University of Virginia and two from the University of Oregon.

The workshop began with site visits to the village and the surrounding area of Huangbaiyu, a twenty-seven hour train ride to Shanghai – a traveling design studio – the formal design studio at Tongji University in Shanghai and the judging of the design competition before the closing of the workshop.

The funding for the workshop was generously provided by the Heinz Family Philanthropies and BP China with additional financial and deep technical support from Autodesk, Inc. – all Board Members of the Center. A report on the workshop is planned for release in October.

For further information, please contact the Center at info@chinauscenter.org.