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Liaoning Normal University Report on Environmental Educators Initiative | July 2007


Considering Water Quality of a Local Stream


Students Interview a Local Resident


Understanding Local Vegetation

On July 10, the Sustainable Development Education Center of Liaoning Normal University presented a progress report on the Environmental Educators Initiative pilot program introduced by the Center and sponsored by BP China, WWF and the Ministry of Education in the rural district of Benxi, Liaoning Province.

Projects associated with this program include environmental education curriculum development, environmental education in the community and applications of green technologies. The report indicates that projects are maturing and that schoolchildren, educators and the wider community are increasingly engaged and excited. Tangible results include:

- Educators who participated in the initial sustainable development training sessions have since become trainers themselves – convening training sessions for the next circle of teachers.

- The Sishanling School Administration committed to integrate sustainable development education and practices into diverse facets of the school.

- Educators have taken the initiative to develop sustainable development focused activities and incorporated environmental themes and lessons in the core curriculum – moving from passive adoption to self initiated activities.

- Students and their families are talking more among themselves about the environment and their personal responsibilities.

For further information, please contact the Center at info@chinauscenter.org.