A core team in China and the U.S. work as the ongoing managers for the Center’s activities – with the guidance and policy direction of the Joint Board of Councilors and the support of the Founders’ Circle. The Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21, under the leadership of Director General Dr. Guo Risheng, is the China Secretariat. In the United States, Managing Director Mr. Miansheng Wang leads the U.S. Secretariat, hosted by the International Sustainable Development Foundation.

Management members of the China Secretariat

Dr. Guo Risheng, Director General
Dr. Peng Sizhen, Deputy Director General
Dr. Huo Zhu, Deputy Director
Mr. Zhong Ping, Project Officer
Ms. Xie Xi, Project Coordinator

Management members of the US Secretariat

Mr. Miansheng Wang, Managing Director
Ms. Zuo Lin, Program Manager