The Joint Board of Councilors adopted a set of organizing principles at their first Joint Board Meeting in September 2002. These principles provide a set of values as well as a framework for action to achieve the mission of the China-U.S. Center. These principles represent a positive agenda based on our common belief in the potential of human enterprise to go beyond the past limitations of our economic systems to enable commerce, communities and nature to thrive and grow in harmony.

Principle 1. We believe our collective aspirations and creativity can solve many of the world’s current problems – our environment and development can prosper together, and human beings and nature can live in harmony.

Principle 2. We seek to facilitate and implement initiatives that will lead to a
prosperous future and conform to “eco-effective” design principles – modeled
on nature in order to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental
advantages of sustaining enterprises.

Principle 3. We invite businesses, governments, universities, research institutions and non-governmental organizations to join with the China-U.S. Center to create sustaining enterprises and initiatives based on nature’s design principles in cradle-to-cradle life cycles.